This Endorsements Committee makes recommendations to the SABA-NC Board for endorsements of judicial, prosecutorial, public defender and other appropriate positions, as well as on issues affecting the legal community and the South Asian community. The Endorsements Committee also nominates SABA members for industry and legal awards and leadership positions within the legal community. 

Recent Endorsements

Curtis Karnow- San Francisco Superior Court
Paul Henderson - San Francisco Superior Court
Jennifer Madden - Alameda Superior Court
Sadhana Narayan - San Mateo Superior Court
Sheila Lichtblau - Marin Superior Court
Sunil Kulkarni - Santa Clara Superior Court
Kulvindar "Rani" Kaur Singh (Mann) - San Francisco Superior Court
Victor Hwang - San Francisco Superior Court
Barbara Parker - Oakland City Attorney
Xochitl Carrion - California Law Review Commission
Vince Chhabria - Northern District of California
Jon Streeter - Northern District of California
Bijal Vakil - VP for Communications, NAPABA
Michael Leon Guerrero - California Superior Court
Michael Fletcher - California Superior Court
Goodwin Liu - California Supreme Court